Navigating the Seattle/Eastside market can be daunting.  Let our expert negotiators maximize your money while fulfilling your dreams.

We strive to make the renting process as easy as possible for everyone while maximizing rents, minimizing vacancy and finding the right tenant.


Offering asset management services and consultation to investors of all portfolio sizes from the single property investor to syndicates with 100+ unit portfolios.

When we moved to The Bay Area, Julia helped us sell our home at Greenlake. It was our first experience working with Julia and we immediately recognized the level of professionalism she brought to our project. She guided us in preparing our home for sale, assembling marketing materials and communicating with other area brokers. When our home hit the market, it sold in six hours with multiple offers and a final price well above asking.

When we returned to Seattle five years later, Julia was an easy choice for us. She helped us assemble a very strong buying strategy that led to us being the winning bidder on a beautiful home in Northwest Seattle. Had she not been part of the process, there is little chance we would have succeeded.