Cleaning Hacks to Save You Time

If you're always on the go yet enjoy a tidy house, you're probably managing to keep your household mess under control. Now, imagine you could make your home spotless in no time with a number of tips that help speed up the cleaning process and make your life easier. Here are six cleaning hacks that will save you valuable time and tips on how to incorporate them into your household care routine.  

1. Line your toaster tray with foil

If you cook meals in your toaster oven on a regular basis, you've probably wasted time cleaning it afterward. Put aluminum foil on your toaster tray before you cook your food to keep it clean, so all you need to do is throw the dirty foil away when you're done.

2. Recycle your dryer sheets

After you finish doing your laundry, you can carry on your cleaning routine by repurposing the used dryer sheets. Brush away hair and dust from your baseboard with the dryer sheets in a few quick strokes without having to find a rag.

3. Clean your blinds with vinegar and water

When you're out of cleaning products and need a quick fix, you can use a 50-50 combination of vinegar and water to wash your blinds. Combine these two ingredients in a bowl, dip an old sock in the concoction and run it across each slat to get rid of dirt and dust.

4. Refresh your couch with baking soda

If your couch produces odors or exhibits stains, you can use baking soda to tackle them. Clear the couch surface, sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and, after about half an hour, vacuum it up for a spot- and smell-free surface.

5. Pick up messes with a lint roller

When you're pressed for time and need to clean up dust, dirt or crumbs, you can employ a lint roller to pick them up quickly and efficiently by rolling it over the unwanted substances. If you're in a big hurry or don't have a lint roller, grab some tape and dab the dirty spots for a fast solution.

6. Run your blender with soap and water 

After you eat breakfast and before you leave for your busy day, you can easily wash your blender — just fill it with water, add a touch of dish soap, blend for a few seconds and rinse for a fast, pain-free cleanup.