Located east of Maple Leaf, Wedgwood/View Ridge has a small town feel, friendly, low-key and tight-knit community. The commercial corridor is located along 35th Avenue Northeast and isn’t much when compared to other more densely developed neighborhoods; however, it has enough of everything— to make it highly walkable. View Ridge is a neighborhood in North Seattle. As with all Seattle neighborhoods, its boundaries are not fixed, but can be thought of as Northeast 65th Street in the south, beyond which is Hawthorne Hills; 40th and 45th Avenues Northeast in the west, beyond which is Wedgwood; the Sand Point Country Club in the north, beyond which is Matthews Beach; and Sand Point Way Northeast in the east, beyond which is Sand Point. Many homes offer stunning views of Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, and the Cascade Range. The neighborhood also offers a large park and playfield (View Ridge Park) across the street from the local elementary school, at 44th Ave. NE and NE 70th St., and the View Ridge Swim and Tennis Club. This segment of Seattle’s north end ranges from modest bungalows to homes built to enjoy the community’s namesake— the sweeping views. View Ridge is beautiful area with immaculate lawns and views of the Cascades. Microsoft magnate Bill Gates got his first taste of the well-appointed life growing up in the area— first in View Ridge and then in nearby Laurelhurst. Two of Seattle’s most popular parks, Matthews Beach and Magnuson Park, are located nearby. Children’s Hospital, nationally recognized for its care, is also nearby. Other major employers in the area are the University of Washington and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Center (NOAA).