Buyer’s Checklist


  • Contact a lender and request loan pre-approval.
  • Determine your budget and what percentage of down payment you will make.
  • Provide The Saki Group with a copy of your pre-approval letter.
  • Discuss with your lender before making any major purchases such as a car, furniture, vacations, etc. Often lenders will recommend that you delay such purchases until after your transaction has closed.
  • Be prepared to have funds available in your account for your earnest money check. We will consult with you
  • regarding the appropriate amount for your offer.


  • We will email you properties through the MLS portal. You can like or discard and make notes on each listing.
  • Some clients like to be more proactive and set-up their own searches on sites such as Zillow, Real Scout or Redfin. Feel free to send listing numbers to us of homes you like to help us narrow down your search.
  • Your property tour begins! Each home search is unique. We can either meet at select homes or schedule a ½ to full day initial tour. We are available weekdays or weekends and showings generally take place between 9am-7pm.
  • Many listings hold open houses on the weekends. To maximize our search, we may suggest you visit open houses to some listings while we escort you to other listings. See a home you like at an open house? Let us know and we’ll be sure to swing by and see for ourselves or we can schedule a private viewing for you.


  • Occasionally we will recommend that you compose a letter to sellers to provide a personal touch to your offer.
  • Discuss preferred closing date and down payment amount.
  • Meet with us to sign paperwork and finalize offer. We can also sign offers electronically via Authentisign.
  • After paperwork is complete, we will present your offer to Sellers and Selling Broker (in person when possible and appropriate).


  • Upon mutual acceptance, we will email a copy of your Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) to your Lender, the Title Officer and Escrow Officer.
  • Your Earnest Money will be deposited.
  • Hire an Inspector immediately – time is of the essence.
  • Contact your lender to lock in your loan rate and finalize your program.
  • Secure Homeowner’s Insurance Binder for the new property. Make sure you have the property information available as they will request the year built, square footage, type of electrical, type of heat, etc.
  • Lender will send out an appraiser to appraise your new home. You will hear from the lender a few days later only if there are any problems with the appraisal.


  • Escrow will request a copy of the preliminary title insurance policy; collect information from buyers, sellers and brokers as needed; order payoff information; clear outstanding issues (home loans, liens, vesting, etc.); and review the file for any additional information necessary to close the transaction.
  • Prepare any additional down payment funds or closing costs to be available at your signing appointment such as cashing out stocks, bonds, or other investments. Some investment plans can take a few weeks to process so be prepared ahead of time. You must bring a Cashier’s Check to your signing or wire funds. No personal checks will be accepted.
  • Make sure to let your Escrow Officer know in advance if you will be out of town near your closing so that they can schedule accordingly.


  • 7 days prior to closing: Contact your lender to confirm your loan program has been finalized and all paperwork has been completed.
  • 3-4 days prior to closing: Escrow receives loan documents from your lender and prepares them for closing. Immediately after documents are prepared the escrow officer schedules both parties for signing appointments.
  • Bring Cashier’s Check or arrange Wire to your signing. Escrow will inform you of the amount due prior to your appointment.
  • 2-3 days prior to closing: Buyers and sellers sign closing documents.
  • Now is a good time to call utility companies to have service started or transferred to your name (water, sewer, garbage, electricity, gas, cable, internet)
  • 1-2 days prior to closing: Lender reviews loan documents.
  • Closing day: Title recorded, funds disbursed and clients notified of closing.
  • We deliver keys to your new home!